Welcome to Bike Zone and Summertown Cycles.

Our two Oxford based shops are independently-owned and run by cycle enthusiasts. We have had cycle shops in Oxford for over 30 years, building strong relationships with our customers who come from far and wide to see us and our bands. Between our two shops we offer bike brands such as Trek, Cube, Cannondale, Wisper, Genesis, Surely, Pashley, Frog and much more. We also stock an extensive range of accessories, safety equipment and parts from most leading cycle brands.

As well as stocking the best bike brands and accessories we also offer cycle hire from our Summertown shop for short or long term periods. Our city centre shop (Bike Zone) offers a custom bike build service for someone that wants more than just an off the peg bike. Our shops have fully equipped workshops and offer inexpensive, quick-turnaround repairs.

But most importantly, both shops are run by cyclists! We live and breathe it, if its pedal powered and has wheels then we love it. If you want to find out why our customers love us, then pop in, say hello and find out for yourself.

Come in store, buy online with free Click & Collect or use our outstanding premium home delivery and setup service.

We look forward to meeting you.

200-202 Banbury road Oxford OX2 7BY
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  • We want to make it as easy as possible for you if you want to return an un-wanted item. You can return un-opened and un-used items within 30 days with a proof of purchase for an exchange or refund . Please note this does not include bikes and helmets. For more details please see our full returns policy.

    We aim to dispatch your items as quickly as possible and to your convenience. We will contact you to arrange a delivery time and date for your new bike. For full delivery details please see our T&C’s. 

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    2020 Cube Touring Hybrid One 400 Electric Hybrid Bike in Black http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/cube/331050.png

    Wherever you go, the Touring Hybrid ONE will take you there.

    Camelbak Big Bite Valve in Blue http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/cb9405.jpg

    The patented big bite™ valve mouthpiece offers hands-free hydration and is ideal for any high-performance situations.

    Camelbak Bite Valve Cover in Blue http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/cb60116.jpg

    Keep your bite valve clean.

    Camelbak Crux Lumbar Reservoir 3L / 100oz in Blue http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/cb9crul3.jpg

    Give your pack a lower center of gravity with the brand new crux lr reservoir.

    Camelbak Crux Reservoir 2L / 70oz in Blue http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/cb9cru2.jpg

    If there’s one thing Camelbak know best, it’s water.

    Camelbak Crux Reservoir 3L / 100oz in Blue http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/cb9cru3.jpg

    If there’s one thing Camelbak know best, it’s water.

    Camelbak Crux Reservoir Insulated Tube Director in Grey http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/cb9intube.jpg

    Camelbak Crux Reservoir Insulated Tube in Grey

    Camelbak Crux Reservoir Insulated Tube Director in Grey http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/cb9intubed.jpg

    Camelbak Crux Reservoir Insulated Tube Director in Grey

    Camelbak Crux Reservoir Replacement Tube in Blue http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/cb9tube.jpg

    Camelbak Crux Reservoir Replacement Tube in Blue

    Camelbak Replacement Pureflow Tube in Blue http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/cb90768.jpg

    38 inches of kink resistant pureflow tubing.

    Camelbak Rogue Hydration Pack 2.5l / 85oz In Blue http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/cbrogue7.jpg

    The convenience of external fill in a sleek bike pack.

    Camelbak Reservoir Dryer in Grey http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/cb9resdry.jpg

    Works with all reservoirs

    2020 Cube Aim Hardtail Mountain Bike in Blue http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/301110_light.jpg

    Fat-tyre adventures begin with a bike that you can rely on - a companion that'll be with you over every pebble, rock and root, no matter where you explore.

    Altura One Pro Cycling Short Sleeved Jersey in Black http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al25opc_6182.jpg

    Comfort and performance styling combine in this fitted performance engineered One Pro Cycling Jersey

    Altura Kids Nightvision Safety Vest In Yellow http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al20knvv9_471.jpg

    Altura kids nightvision safety vest.

    Altura Nightvision Safety Vest In Yellow http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al20nvv9_473.jpg

    Altura nightvision safety vest.

    Altura Nevis III Overtrousers In Black http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al36nev6_827.jpg

    Altura nevis Iii 3 overtrousers.

    Altura Nevis III Waterproof Jacket In Black http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al22nev16_6088.jpg

    Altura nevis Iii 3 waterproof jacket.

    Altura Airstream Gilet In Yellow http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al20air.jpg

    Altura airstream vest.

    Altura Cadence 2 Waist Shorts In Black http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al30ca2.jpg

    Altura cadence 2 waist shorts.

    Altura Cadence Baggy Shorts In Black http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al30cdbg_748.jpg

    Altura cadence baggy shorts.

    Altura Five/40 Waterproof Shorts In Black http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al30fiv_749.jpg

    Altura five/40 (540) waterproof shorts.

    Altura Script Short Sleeved T-Shirt in Grey http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al25scr_625.jpg

    2016 Altura Script Short Sleeved T-Shirt in Grey

    Altura Three-60 G2 Gloves in Black http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al191th2_6747.jpg

    Altura Three 60 (360) g2 Gloves

    Altura Script Short Sleeved T-Shirt in Red http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al25scr_624.jpg

    2016 Altura Script Short Sleeved T-Shirt in Red

    Altura Thermo Elite Leg Warmer in Black http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al16thl.jpg

    Altura Thermo Elite Leg Warmer

    Altura Thermostretch II Overshoes in Yellow http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al24the6_576.jpg

    High visibility, providing comfort and protection in wind and rain all year round.

    Altura Baroque Short Sleeved Womens Jersey in Black http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al25wbar_635.jpg

    Altura Women's Baroque Short Sleeve Jersey

    Altura Alpine Short Sleeve Tee In Red http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al25alp_5980.jpg

    Short sleeve tee.

    Altura Kids Sprint Short Sleeve Jersey In Yellow http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al25kspr5_602.jpg

    Altura kids sprint short sleeve jersey.

    Altura Kids Sprint Short Sleeve Jersey In Red http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al25kspr5_601.jpg

    Altura kids sprint short sleeve jersey.

    Altura Dry Mesh Vest Baselayer in White http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al27dryv_717.jpg

    Altura dry mesh vest baselayer.

    Altura Cadence 2 Womens Waist Shorts in Black http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al30wca2.jpg

    A performance waist short that features our comp 3D pad

    Altura Airstream Gilet In Black http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al20air_6724.jpg

    Altura airstream vest.

    Altura Spirit Short Sleeved Womens Jersey in Blue http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al25wspi4_650.jpg

    Women’s cycling jersey with improved fitting and breathability for high comfort when riding

    Altura Kids Nightvision Short Sleeve Jersey In Yellow http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al25knvi_593.jpg

    Short sleeve jersey.

    Altura Progel Bibtights in Black http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al35pel_819.jpg

    A thermal bib tight for the colder months that features our proven progel pad

    Altura Peloton Progel Waist Tights in Black http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al34pel_803.jpg

    Gel comfort and form-fitting stretch

    Altura Progel 2 Undershorts in Grey http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al29pr2_22449.jpg

    Hidden comfort

    Altura Thermocool Baselayer in White http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al27thr5_720.jpg

    Altura Thermocool Baselayer

    Altura One-80 G2 Gloves in Black http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al191on2_6750.jpg

    Altura One-80 G2 Gloves

    Altura Kids Sprint Short Sleeve Jersey In Pink http://www.bike-zone.co.uk//images/zyro/al25kspr5_600.jpg

    Altura kids sprint short sleeve jersey.

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