28-32 St Michael's Street
Oxford, OX1 2EB

01865 728877

Who we are


Neil (shop manager)

Neil started riding bikes when rigid forks were the only option and disc brakes only came on formula one cars. With over 25 years in the bike trade, he’s picked up a thing or two. He’s often the person that the top local riders come to for technical advice, wheel-building, etc.

Tim (assistant manager)

Tim likes anything on two wheels, with or without an engine. Partial to a fat bike, but also to a bit of lightweight carbon. He’ll give any type of cycling a go once (even if he hasn’t put in the training for it) “it normally works out, right?”

Mark (shop staff)

Lover of the muddy stuff, Mark can often be found roaming the Oxfordshire landscape on one of his many mountain bikes. Normally manages to come off and snap, cut or hurt something, he’s just too hard-core for his own good.

Dan (shop staff)

Dan’s our shop Campag lover, yes every shop has one. His legs might be short, but they are mighty. He loves his coffee as much as his bikes (so he is best friends with the café guys upstairs) an official owner of a Dannondale though once it was a Cannondale.

Mike (shop staff)

You know what they say, with age you gain endurance. Mike loves to spin out the miles on his long commutes while laughing as he passes the queuing cars. He has looked death in the face on several of his rides and still lives to tell the tales (many of them)

Steve (shop mechanic)

Normally covered in oil and with some sort of tool in his hand, Steve is also a master of riding three wheeled bikes at speed. When he’s not at work fixing bikes he’s out at races repairing more bikes and helping out.